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Do you have faith IN faith?

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

Having faith - in yourself, others, your future, your past and your present is the key to winning. Believing is not a feeling but a choice.

Don't Look Back

The Pulaski Academy Football Team in Little Rock Arkansas has had a lot of success, as well

as a number of state championships. But what really stands out about this team is... they do not punt. I don’t mean figuratively, I mean literally; they don’t even have a punter position on the team. Think about the message that sends to everyone on the team: (1) We don’t look back , (2) We are bold and (3) We are always going to make it. And as a result they often do. That is radical faith and belief that they will get it done.

Choose to be Great

Most people are driven by feelings, therefore fear chooses them. You are not a born winner or a born loser - you are a born CHOOSER. And greatness isn’t for the chosen few but for the few who choose. “Today my feelings don’t get a vote. I will choose faith and strength.” Believe in spite of the evidence and watch the evidence change. The big question here is simple - Do you have faith IN faith? Do you think faith matters and that it makes a difference? Faith is missing everywhere you look these days. Faith has been replaced with doubt, cynicism and fear. It is this faith that mobilizes and overcomes and it is fear that immobilizes and destroys. I urge you to consider having faith in faith, choosing to believe that belief makes a difference. I believe you’ll find that it does. The question is not, “Are your thoughts and dreams too crazy?” The bigger question is, “Are they too sane?” Having faith in your crazy, outlandish dream might be just what the world needs right now.

Thermometer or Thermostat?

Most people are fear based and let doubt run them, because similarly to a thermometer,

they merely reflect their environment. If things are good, they are good, but as soon as things go downhill, their emotions follow. Then, there are the ones who set the temperature because their faith gives the room energy and hope. They do not sit and let life happen to them but instead cause life to happen. Their own lives are not a product of an accident, but a manifestation of their belief system. At the heart of depression and anxiety is people constantly talking negatively, and specifically about what they don’t want. Instead, be the thermostat. Set the tone of the environment and talk about what you do want. Make a choice that you are going to decide the outcome. Purposely walk around and talk positively about the things you do want. Demonstrate responsibility by responding with ability.

The Bible says, “So is my word that goes out from my mouth — it will not return to me

unfulfilled; but it will accomplish what I intend, and cause to succeed what I sent it to do.” Walk around and speak like a thermostat not a thermometer because for those of us who have faith, the door handle is always on our side of the door.

Neurons that Fire Together Wire Together

Your brain is wired to keep you safe and secure. However, the brain is an outdated organ →

a velcro for the bad, holding onto it and replaying it so you won’t have to experience the pain or hurt again. It functions for survival, not for you to have a vision, take chances, or be happy. It is more common to be fearful and doubtful than to be bold and faithful. In order to have faith, you must deliberately chose to rewire your brain to focus on faith. Our brains are

neuroplastic, meaning that they form and mold easily. The brain rebuilds itself daily. We must be consciously aware of how we are thinking in order to rewire the design of our brain. Faith and boldness are choices and when you deliberately practice them, the neurons that fire together wire together, creating a stronger inner connection. W. Clement Stone was an executive in the insurance business who experienced huge success. He would start out each morning and have his team say out loud, fifty times, “Do it now. Do it now.” Faith and oldness to act go hand in hand. By saying, “Do it now” fifty times they wired their brains to do it now, leading to one of the reasons for his team’s great successes later on. We must

have the faith to wire our brains to do it now, in order to expect desired results down the road.

Stop Punting

A confounding variable in those who are successful is that they must finish everything that they start. It is an obsession in believing that no matter what happens, they will have faith that they will cross the finish line, so they continuously give effort and keep pushing forward no matter what. Attitude is not a gene, its a muscle. Every day, visualize yourself being bold and having faith.

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